Boycott Autism Speaks

What does Autism Speaks spend your money on?

The folks at Boycott Autism Speaks pulled together some information from the organization’s 2012 Financial Reports. Here’s what they found:

  • 36% = Salaries, benefits, payroll taxes: $22, 861,019
  • ​25% = Science grants/awards: $15,790,797
  • 5% = Travel, meals, lodging, entertainment, catering: $3,034,109
  • 4% = Advertising & Marketing: $2,827,316
  • 3% = Family Services grants & awards: $2,048,552

(Percentages are based on the total reported expenditures of $64,127,886)

If you’re donating to Autism Speaks because you think the money is going to help autistic people and their families, I’m sorry to inform you that only 3 cents from every dollar you donate is actually doing that.

Autism Speaks


Image description: Picture is of two caterers plating food for a function. There is a large table covered in white plates with food on them. One of the caterers is adding sauce to the plates. Text on the image reads: If you want more of your donations spent on travel, lodging, entertainment and catering than on autistic people…. Autism Speaks is the charity for you!

Picture credit.

Light It Up True is a campaign running in April to counter the misinformation and outright lies spread by Autism Speaks. We will be sharing some truths about both autism and the largest so-called ‘autism charity’ in the United States.

This campaign is part of a larger one called Boycott Autism Speaks. Please go to to find out more.


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